Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things that make me Smile

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's university graduation!!! 17 years in the making she is now officially a Registered Nurse!

Registered Nurse!

 On Saturday she planned a little celebration for her self which was a great time. Some new friends, some old ones, it was an interesting crossing of worlds when all of someones life comes together on those rare and joyous occasions. It was so neat to finally put faces to the names of all the stories she's been telling over the last four years. Anyways the party was lovely, she decorated with beautiful fresh sunflowers and rented the party room in her condo, and hired a one man bandstand entertainer that took requests!

 I love live music, and it's even better when it's on request the possibilities are endless and then it just turns into a big sing along. Such a good time neighbours listened from their balconies and a few even came down to join the fun! It was like a starry night live concert in the park, beautiful evening.

One more thing that made me  so excited was CUPCAKES!!! I think I had forgot what a load of joy a tiny little cupcake could bring me. Well I shouldn't down play these cupcakes, they were one of a kind! Delicious in every aspect from the candy coloured swirls of icing to the mouth watering flavours; butter scotch banana, mango, mint chocolate... I won't tell you how many I had.... but definitely more than my fair share. I wish that everyone could have a cupcakes a day to wash all the little unhappies away.

I was also a little inspired by these little cakes of joy and thought I may  make some of my own. Upon further investigation I found this brilliant site: check it out! It all looks amazing! I don't know if any thing I will make will turn out that good but practice makes perfect, so well see what come out.

Me with my brother and sister.

On Sunday afternoon we had a small surprise party for my mom and had a BBQ at my Aunt and Uncle's place. It was very nice as well as more of an intimate celebration. I have a younger sister who moved to Amsterdam to live with her boyfriend in April of last year. My Aunt had asked her and her boyfriend to put together something special for my mom. She made a video on Window Movie Maker and it was so cute I nearly cried. Some times I think I forget how much I miss her. I talk to her quite often on Skype and MSN but to know that she is so far away and not even getting to see her at family times, made me think about it. Miss her loads!! xox

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