Friday, July 9, 2010

How intrusive...

I've been taking some summer school courses, one of which happens to be an intensive. For the last week I have sat in a classroom from 9:30am till 3:30pm, as the sun beat down out side and all my friends complained about the intense heat wave. I  locked in a A/Ced classroom with no windows or signs of life besides our 15 bored bodies, I have been living vicariously through facebook I have never in my life spent as much time "creeping" on people as I have in the last week. As my teacher lectures me to sleep, and I dream of the sun beating down on my skin, instead I press the next button like a robot a travel through years of people's lives, in minutes

People I know, don't know, did know, will never know.... the list goes.. the photo's are endless. I remember hearing the saying a "picture can hold a thousand words", I don't think that is entirely true in this day and age. With all of the social media sites and people posting photos of what they are doing at any given moment, we have lost that magic in a photo.

We have also managed to created a sort of shallow existence of one another. An entire impression or stereotype of someone can be formed in a glance of a profile picture. I constantly find myself making quick judgement of others on facebook. Then I stopped.... if I can delve so deeply into the lives of others, just to come back to the surface with some sort of shallow judgement.... Who is judging me?

 I took a quick scan of my photo's tagged and ones I had posted. Nothing really represented me as a whole. There are pictures of 3am nights out, silly costume parties, holiday's etc, but nothing that showed who I really am. If I had been judging my own profile as an outsider I'm sure I could make some snide remarks of my own.

I find it curious, how all of a sudden there are no boundaries to our personal or private life, its as though we have launched ourselves in some sort of narrcissistic pseudo reality of what we really do, and who we really are. All of those people on facebook labeled my friends are not at all. If they were my friends I would pick up the phone and call them want to spend time with them. What is the point really, if there was no such thing as facebook I could have probably made it through life not even passing a second thought about all those people facebook tells me are my friends. Why would I let these people into my life, or what my facebook page allows others to perceive as my life.

On that note I have decided to consider doing something radical. I will delete my facebook account! Okay well maybe not until the end of my intensive... I will let you know how it goes, I hypothesize much more time to blog!

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