Saturday, August 14, 2010


I recently have developed a very close bond with my iphone. I have never been one who gets excited about technology or has the newest and latest devices. I always gave people that strange look when they would make statements about how much thy love their phone or could not survive with out it. Well I can proudly say that I am in my first stable cell phone relationship!!! I LOVE everything about it. It does everything I could possibly imagine it could and there is always an app for that. I have downloaded scientific calculators, levels to hang photos, currency converters, who knows how much time it has saved me with instant directions and telephone directories. I am just so thoroughly impressed. I feel a bit sad that it brings me such joy, so I will stop raving now. Just wanted to share a few prints from my favourite app. Its called hipstamatic, it converts your iphone camera into some sort of vintage wonder and gives all your photos awesome vintage effects. I bought all the packages "shame face" but the joy it brings me is endless! Every things looks better in a hipsta print! Check out the coolness!!!

My City

A couple of weekends ago I decided I don't explore my beautiful city nearly enough. I grabbed my camera and went on a little adventure with my cousin. Oh all the wonderful things I saw... It was so refreshing to leave my little hub and see the colours and sights of a bustling city.