Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa...

I have been extremely good this year, thus here is my chirstmas wish list....

Sony Digital Camera

Bradgley Mishka Purse

Guess Boots

My new obession... Micheal Kors mens inspired watch!


Very excited to see this.... can't wait it looks so good! Hopefully I have time to squeeze it in over the holidays...

 These last few aren't from the movie but I think every little girl loves the idea of a ballarina... so gracefull and beautiful. Marylin.... doesn't everyone love her, gorgeous!

Elle's Birthday Party!

So my cousin turned the big 27, on Dec 11! She was pretty adement that we could not mix her birthday with Chirstmas. She wasn't even gonna let me put the tree and decorations up until after her birthday. Well we compromised, I put the tree up and promised to throw her a karaoke birthday party. it was a great night here are some pictures! Enjoy!

Christmas Craft Challenge

Every year at work our manager gives us something quite usless from the dollar store and challenges us to create some thing... It can really be anything and you can use the object in any way you see fit. The best part of the whole Christmas Craft Challange is how competitive people in the department are. I feel like people wiat all year for this event and the smack talk that goes on is ridiculous. Well anyways this year the boss gave us this.....

Yes, it is a useless serving plate.... So I put on my thinking cap, this is the first year I have compete as I usually lack creativity adn am very busy at this time of year but in a last valient attempt to procrastinate from studying for exams and writting papers I decided to enter. (also my mom won last year and I wanted to keep it in the family) I finally came up with an idea to create a wreath, so I contracted the work out to one of my friends in the dept and got him to cut a whole in the middle. (No idea how he did it, but it was perfect) I also knew that this could not be an ordinary wreath so I created one of those "chic" new age untraditional christmas wreaths....

What do you think? Pretty fancy eh.... I thought this one was in the bag, but hten my boss threw a curve ball and decided to let the people we support vote. I guess it wasn't really there cup of tea, next year I want to know the target audience.... I still tied for 4th place but this is my friends craft and she placed before me, I think there is something wrong with the system. Next year I am thinking of including fiber optic lights, movement and food. I'll win there little christams hearts yet...

Rotten nose and missing body was key... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have begun my Christmas shopping, so late! I know... what can you do. Anyways while I was shopping I came across the new line of MAC make up the holiday collection! It is so beautiful and reminded me of how much I love tartan being as I am Scotish and such I have found some super cute things that caught my Scottish eye! Happy Christmas Shopping!
How cool...

I love that they are from the collection and stamped with tartan!

I would love to have a place to wear a dress like that (via hip hip gin gin) and I also love the glam gloves!

A little more wearable and I could still get elbow length black leather gloves...
 (or maybe red ones too for those days when you feel a little saucy)

Puddles, snow, slush... you'd still look pretty (via cup of Jo)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Simple, so Sweet....

So Romantic...

Absolute Perfection!

Via: Ruffled Blog

Via: Mandy Lynne

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How fun does this look?

I would love to have a party like this! So bright and colourful, looks like they are having so much fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm in love!!!!!

Florence and the Machine!!! You've got the Love XOX (click link to see video)

Went to her concert at Sound Acadamy a few weeks ago and she rocked it out!!! Best solo vocal I have ever seen live ever! Plus had an great night out at Hey Lucy's Martini Wed with the ladies!!! xox

I'm back!

So I've been gone for ages... not that nothing inspiring hasn't happend I have just been so busy! I don't even know where to start....

So after summer school return to work was great. The person they hired for my contract managed to keep it together while I was gone... Kudos to her! They can be tough stuff sometimes. Since I have been back though things have been crazy people comming and going so many changes. I have had to update all my programming and routines get to know new people say good bye to others. Thats always the saddest part, these guys really do become your family. As much as its a job and I whine and complain I love everyone I support so much! Sometimes they make my day, just by caring enough to ask how it went, or sometimes just the silliest things like how much they like my lady shoes (high heels) if I dressed a little nicer than the usual jeans and t-shirt. Lots of changes there but things at our place appear to be on the up and up, as for all the changes at the association its a little early to tell. I like to think of change as good, but sometimes it doesn't alwasy seem so great at the time.

My Nan had surgury :( she had her hip replaced... Surgury always = scary!! but Nan is the biggest trooper I have ever met! Sure enough she was back to normal in no time. See even got pnumonia (i always spelt that wrong even on the standardized text in school every year when it was the hardest very last word year after year) and had to stay in the hospital a week longer than usual. She was back to herself in a couple of weeks. I've lived with nan for lots of years and had lots of special talks but I will always remember when my grandad died she told me... You need to get up and get dressed every morning! No matter how sad or miserable you feel no matter what has happened, or how hard it is to get out of bed you get up, put on something beautiful, do you hair put on your lipstick and get out of the house! because nothing is going to come to you if you sit around feeling sorry for yourselff you need to go out there and make the best of everyday, find the small pleasures in life. Even if you just go out and window shop or treat your self to you favourit coffee, you need to keep busy! Words to live by with love from Nan she's a very smart lady!

Here she is beautiful Nan!!! She will not be happy about this but it sure makes me laugh!! He-he... Sorry Nan I had too...xox

Here is a nice one!

My cousin and my mom too!

One more for giggles! XOX

Next my sister came home!!!!!! HOLY SURPRISE!!!!

I went to my nan's house afterwork... well I was staying with her after the surgury to help out... and my sister jumped out of the closest!!! I jumped up, I nearly peed my pants, then said hi like I see her everyday... and then realized who she was and started crying... I was so confused?!?!? it was like all my emotions malfunctioned at the same time!!! Best surprise ever!!! She was only here for a week which was far too short but better that nothing. I wish she could have stayed longer or that I knew she was comming so I could take some time off but no such luck. I'm just back to missing her again and she won't be home for christmas this year first one ever... :(

You can tell it took me a while to warm up. j/k :)

Couldn't just pick on Nan....  
Five fav things about this photo
1. Melting Ice Cream
2. Hats
3. Camel Toe!!
4. Facial Expressions
5. Surprise! I probably weighed the same amount as I do now when I was 10!

 Do you remeber how hard we laughed this night!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010


I recently have developed a very close bond with my iphone. I have never been one who gets excited about technology or has the newest and latest devices. I always gave people that strange look when they would make statements about how much thy love their phone or could not survive with out it. Well I can proudly say that I am in my first stable cell phone relationship!!! I LOVE everything about it. It does everything I could possibly imagine it could and there is always an app for that. I have downloaded scientific calculators, levels to hang photos, currency converters, who knows how much time it has saved me with instant directions and telephone directories. I am just so thoroughly impressed. I feel a bit sad that it brings me such joy, so I will stop raving now. Just wanted to share a few prints from my favourite app. Its called hipstamatic, it converts your iphone camera into some sort of vintage wonder and gives all your photos awesome vintage effects. I bought all the packages "shame face" but the joy it brings me is endless! Every things looks better in a hipsta print! Check out the coolness!!!