Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update on Facebook...

I did it it's a goner. i am no longer a member of the facebook community. It's been about two weeks now but didn't want to post just in case I relapsed. ;) The first few day where defiantly the hardest, and you would not believe what a stir it caused. My e-mail was flooded with questions, about what happened? Did I just delete them? Was it just not working? I have had to turn it back on a few times which is much easier than I thought it would be, I guess that's to sucker you back in. People claimed it was as though I disappeared and huge chunks of their lives where now missing. Especially photos, I have alot a photos but all the more reason to get them off of there. Anyways just wanted to let you know....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things that make me Smile

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's university graduation!!! 17 years in the making she is now officially a Registered Nurse!

Registered Nurse!

 On Saturday she planned a little celebration for her self which was a great time. Some new friends, some old ones, it was an interesting crossing of worlds when all of someones life comes together on those rare and joyous occasions. It was so neat to finally put faces to the names of all the stories she's been telling over the last four years. Anyways the party was lovely, she decorated with beautiful fresh sunflowers and rented the party room in her condo, and hired a one man bandstand entertainer that took requests!

 I love live music, and it's even better when it's on request the possibilities are endless and then it just turns into a big sing along. Such a good time neighbours listened from their balconies and a few even came down to join the fun! It was like a starry night live concert in the park, beautiful evening.

One more thing that made me  so excited was CUPCAKES!!! I think I had forgot what a load of joy a tiny little cupcake could bring me. Well I shouldn't down play these cupcakes, they were one of a kind! Delicious in every aspect from the candy coloured swirls of icing to the mouth watering flavours; butter scotch banana, mango, mint chocolate... I won't tell you how many I had.... but definitely more than my fair share. I wish that everyone could have a cupcakes a day to wash all the little unhappies away.

I was also a little inspired by these little cakes of joy and thought I may  make some of my own. Upon further investigation I found this brilliant site: check it out! It all looks amazing! I don't know if any thing I will make will turn out that good but practice makes perfect, so well see what come out.

Me with my brother and sister.

On Sunday afternoon we had a small surprise party for my mom and had a BBQ at my Aunt and Uncle's place. It was very nice as well as more of an intimate celebration. I have a younger sister who moved to Amsterdam to live with her boyfriend in April of last year. My Aunt had asked her and her boyfriend to put together something special for my mom. She made a video on Window Movie Maker and it was so cute I nearly cried. Some times I think I forget how much I miss her. I talk to her quite often on Skype and MSN but to know that she is so far away and not even getting to see her at family times, made me think about it. Miss her loads!! xox

Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 Days Later...

I am so happy! Horary I have just about finished summer school, just a few major papers left and I am in the clear. 7 classes in 3 months, is a feat in its own, I am pretty proud of myself. More than anything I am so happy to have some consistency back in my chaotic life. I have been holding on by a thread for quite some time.

I will be returning to work full time, which will smooth out so many bumps. Regular hours, consistent pay, having my weekends back! I never thought I would say it but I can’t wait.

I am also looking forward to really getting the most out of the last few weeks of summer. I have so much that I want to see and do before it’s over. Canadian summers are far too short. I think my main goal will be to get out of the city and get back into nature. I can’t remember the last time I left the city for a weekend up north. It’s so rejuvenating to spend a couple of days in the fresh air on a quiet dock, good friends, family, food, nothing beats it! I’ll keep you posted....

Friday, July 9, 2010

How intrusive...

I've been taking some summer school courses, one of which happens to be an intensive. For the last week I have sat in a classroom from 9:30am till 3:30pm, as the sun beat down out side and all my friends complained about the intense heat wave. I  locked in a A/Ced classroom with no windows or signs of life besides our 15 bored bodies, I have been living vicariously through facebook I have never in my life spent as much time "creeping" on people as I have in the last week. As my teacher lectures me to sleep, and I dream of the sun beating down on my skin, instead I press the next button like a robot a travel through years of people's lives, in minutes

People I know, don't know, did know, will never know.... the list goes.. the photo's are endless. I remember hearing the saying a "picture can hold a thousand words", I don't think that is entirely true in this day and age. With all of the social media sites and people posting photos of what they are doing at any given moment, we have lost that magic in a photo.

We have also managed to created a sort of shallow existence of one another. An entire impression or stereotype of someone can be formed in a glance of a profile picture. I constantly find myself making quick judgement of others on facebook. Then I stopped.... if I can delve so deeply into the lives of others, just to come back to the surface with some sort of shallow judgement.... Who is judging me?

 I took a quick scan of my photo's tagged and ones I had posted. Nothing really represented me as a whole. There are pictures of 3am nights out, silly costume parties, holiday's etc, but nothing that showed who I really am. If I had been judging my own profile as an outsider I'm sure I could make some snide remarks of my own.

I find it curious, how all of a sudden there are no boundaries to our personal or private life, its as though we have launched ourselves in some sort of narrcissistic pseudo reality of what we really do, and who we really are. All of those people on facebook labeled my friends are not at all. If they were my friends I would pick up the phone and call them want to spend time with them. What is the point really, if there was no such thing as facebook I could have probably made it through life not even passing a second thought about all those people facebook tells me are my friends. Why would I let these people into my life, or what my facebook page allows others to perceive as my life.

On that note I have decided to consider doing something radical. I will delete my facebook account! Okay well maybe not until the end of my intensive... I will let you know how it goes, I hypothesize much more time to blog!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Cute!

Bonita Springs, Florida

So I just spent the last week in Naples, Florida for my cousin's wedding! It was beautiful, she said everything she dreamed of and wouldn't change a thing. I am so happy for her to start her new life as Mr. & Mrs Strange. Being the rainy season it rained all week which did no favours to my bank account. Instead of relaxing with a book by the pool I had no choice but to shop, but the sunshine came out for the main event which went off with out a hitch.


This was all to do with my dream weaver Aunt who managed to plan a 5 star wedding in less than 2 months. I think she missed her calling in life, as a fab wedding planner! I had a great time and so did everyone who attended! My Aunt and Uncle where so kind and took great care of the entire family. They always manage to make everyone feel a part of the family and do what ever they can to ensure everyone has a great time. So here are a few pictures from my escape from reality. Enjoy!





Monday, July 5, 2010


So this is it, I have said it for ages and finally did it! I have a blog! I am still not entirly sure what this is even all about, or how to put it all together? Although I love a project! This is new for me, but looks like loads of fun.

I am an Early Childhood Education student, I have a passion for working with children with disabilities and advocating for inclusion education. Everyday I find a million and one things that make me smile and maybe even bring about a little chuckle, sometimes I am too busy to share or the right person is not always there.

I have decided to create Pixies and Peonies as a place for me, a place for me to escape from the everyday. It will be a peak into my day dreams, random thoughts and visions for me to reflect upon and share with those that are interested, and I am happy to share!

I thought that this would be a great way to pay it forward, I hope the things that inspire me and bring a smile to my lips will bring you the same joy! So enjoy and I hope I was able to send a  smile your way! ;)