Monday, July 5, 2010


So this is it, I have said it for ages and finally did it! I have a blog! I am still not entirly sure what this is even all about, or how to put it all together? Although I love a project! This is new for me, but looks like loads of fun.

I am an Early Childhood Education student, I have a passion for working with children with disabilities and advocating for inclusion education. Everyday I find a million and one things that make me smile and maybe even bring about a little chuckle, sometimes I am too busy to share or the right person is not always there.

I have decided to create Pixies and Peonies as a place for me, a place for me to escape from the everyday. It will be a peak into my day dreams, random thoughts and visions for me to reflect upon and share with those that are interested, and I am happy to share!

I thought that this would be a great way to pay it forward, I hope the things that inspire me and bring a smile to my lips will bring you the same joy! So enjoy and I hope I was able to send a  smile your way! ;)

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