Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have begun my Christmas shopping, so late! I know... what can you do. Anyways while I was shopping I came across the new line of MAC make up the holiday collection! It is so beautiful and reminded me of how much I love tartan being as I am Scotish and such I have found some super cute things that caught my Scottish eye! Happy Christmas Shopping!
How cool...

I love that they are from the collection and stamped with tartan!

I would love to have a place to wear a dress like that (via hip hip gin gin) and I also love the glam gloves!

A little more wearable and I could still get elbow length black leather gloves...
 (or maybe red ones too for those days when you feel a little saucy)

Puddles, snow, slush... you'd still look pretty (via cup of Jo)

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