Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Loves

 So its here I'm pretty sure. I was very excited to spend the last few weeks of summer hanging out by my pool... Not so much. I have resorted to sweaters and pants and even considered socks yesterday.... well I had a little mope and now that its over I remembered what I love about fall!!!! 

Starbucks tea lattes! Yummy so warm and cozy any flavour but my present favorite is early gray it's called a London Fog. My friend from England introduced me and I'm hooked and my other friend showed me how to make them at home so good. Note also if anyone knows where to buy these coffee cups please tell me I have been looking for ages and can't find them anywhere. It's double glass so your hot drink is on the inside and the glass on the out side doesn't get hot. They just look so pretty. 


Oh this is a good one! Apple picking I love apples and anything you can make with them. I love a beautiful fall day when its nice and sunny but cool out and going to the farm. I love the country drive the fresh air! I'm excited about this one. 

love it    This is SO CUTE! Love the mustard tights!               love the tights & bootsstripes      easy           perfect for fall


I LOVE fall clothes!!! Not too sure why..... not too much, not too little just enough to be comfortable! No coat needed for a parka (I live in Canada)  just a cute little scarf. I love a pair of tights, sweater, or dress and some boots. Nothing beats it!


 Like I said I live in Canada so get a lot of this... Amazing! I don't know how it does it but take your breath away. I love a drive in the country side and then a nice long walk in the fresh air. Sometimes I even get lucky and someone takes me to their cottage for a camp fire and drinks. 


I did not have to go back to school!!!!! Best thing that ever happened to me! I have so much free time don't know what to do with my self. I am never going to school again unless at some point I end up working at one.. which would not be so bad. Yay no school for me! 

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